Therapy Sessions

person in black long sleeve shirt holding white ceramic mug
person in black long sleeve shirt holding white ceramic mug

What is holding you back from reaching your happiness and content state? I am happy to do a 15 minute virtual or phone call for you to get to know me and talk about the struggles you are facing. Let’s see if we are a good fit.

60 Minute Individual Session

I work with individuals to navigate the struggles they are experiencing. You may be seeking help with trauma, anxiety, depression, self-esteem issues, or grief. It would be an honor to help you heal and thrive. I have taken courses and become certified to help with these issues.

60 Minute Couple’s Session

In our busy, modern lives, the thing we often lose touch with is our partner’s. Whether you are struggling with communication issues, infidelity, needing pre marital counseling, or want to discover the differences and navigate to a better dynamic, I would love the opportunity to help. I have worked with numerous couple’s of all ages to get there relationships to a better more fulfilling place. I am certified in Gottman Method and take an approach of let’s get down to the bolts to relieve the conflict as quickly as possible.

60 Minute Family Session

It is so hard to navigate life as a family dynamic. I help families that are going through a divorce navigate and process through it as well as help with little ones involved. I also can help navigate the uncharted waters of blended family situations and dynamics. Maybe your family is struggling with conflict or adjusting to a new chapter. I would love to be able to help and align everyone to a better more sustainable path together.